Embrace Digital Transformation with SAP Cloud Platform

Leverage the SAP Platform as a Service

Develop, Integrate & Extend Your Business Applications

SAP Cloud Platform Services

Boost Your Returns with SAP Development Expertise

Unlock new efficiencies, business models, and revenue sources with SAP Cloud Platform.

Start innovating with a powerful platform that negates the cost and implementation time of traditional tools.

Trust an SAP Gold Partner to provide fast, long-lasting returns on your digital transformation.

Integration – document management – Internet of Things – machine learning – artificial intelligence – Big Data

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Kickstart Your Transformation with SAP Cloud Platform Services

SAP Cloud Platform Services

Engage an SAP Gold Partner for Fast & Agile Application Services

Tailor applications to your business needs with the help of an SAP developer team.

Turn SAP Cloud Platform to your maximum advantage with cost-effective services from Influential Software.

Custom Support

We support you across the adoption lifecycle, from cloud design and strategy to deployment and operations

Industry Expertise

Benefit from our experience in publishing, financial services, public sector, manufacturing, higher education, and retail

Agile Development

We keep DevOps culture and agile delivery at the forefront of our services, with tangible results for your business

Integrated Applications

We partner with a range of integration providers for maximum flexibility, working across cloud and on-premises deployments

Extended Solutions

We extend solutions including SAP By Design, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Ariba, SAP SuccessFactors, and SAP Jam

Fast Entry

There’s no infrastructure set-up or maintenance, making a faster and more affordable service for all sizes of business

Digital Consulting

Our SAP-certified consultants can advise on strategy, implementation, and industry-specific uses for large enterprises and SMEs across the United Kingdom



 Become a Digital-First Contender

with SAP PaaS

SAP Cloud Platform Services

The Flexible SAP Innovation Platform

IoT, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Big Data are bringing digital disruption.

Create custom apps to boost efficiency and tap new markets for long-term returns.

From smart cities to delivery networks, tracking equipment to reducing paperwork and predicting trends, we deliver the future with SAP Cloud Platform.

  • secure travel between on-premise and cloud applications
  • mobile, cross-device connectivity for custom apps
  • access to SAP ECC from web-facing applications
  • flexibility of on-premise with the speed and cost-effectiveness of SaaS
  • ability to innovate new processes by analysing data from IoT-connected devices
  • high efficiency with SAP HANA operational memory
  • foresight of trends with over forty predictive algorithms
  • secure cloud environment for systems and processes
  • integration between SAP ECC and non-SAP systems
  • all hardware, software, and upgrade services included
  • no-code developer tools for cloud apps, mobile apps, and microservices
  • advanced analytics for turning multiple data sources into insights
  • Internet of Things networks and API management
  • deployment to infrastructure providers such as SAP, AWS, Google, and Microsoft


Connect Everything

with SAP Cloud Platform Integration

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services

SAP Business Cloud Connectivity

SAP Cloud Platform has in-built integration capabilities with SAP and non-SAP applications.

With APIs and secure access, SAP Cloud Platform creates a 360° view of customers and processes.

Our SAP-certified consultants and technical experts are on hand to accelerate your integration project.

API Management

Engage consumers, partners, and employees with connected digital experiences

Integration Services

Connect apps across the cloud and on-premises, from SAP and non-SAP providers

Secure Connection

Allow secure access to on-premises systems with connections to cloud networks

Smart Data Integration

Take data from multiple sources, transforming and storing it on your SAP HANA instance


Innovate and Transform

with SAP Cloud Platform App Development

SAP Cloud Platform Services

SAP Innovation Platform

Enjoy fast and task-specific app development with SAP Cloud Platform.

Engage our SAP developers to create custom apps, or use no-code tools to produce your own.

Manage the application lifecycle on web or mobile.

  • Web IDE: use this integrated development tool to build, debug, test, extend, and deploy apps, with custom extensions
  • Rapid Application Development: develop enterprise-grade applications without coding, and then deploy directly to SAP Cloud Platform
  • Mobile Services: create enterprise iOS and Android apps, with mobile data access and mobile analytics


Process, Store, and Manage

with SAP Cloud Platform Document Management

SAP Cloud Platform Document Management

Drive Intelligence, Protect Data

Manage a growing volume of content safely and reliably with SAP Cloud Platform.

Use SAP Document Service to store, manage, and protect data.

Use SAP Document Center to share documents across platforms.

  • Document Service: use persistent content storage to store and retrieve unstructured content
  • Document Center, Cloud Edition: connect cloud applications to SAP and third-party solutions


About Influential Software: SAP Gold Partner Services

Over the past 25 years, Influential Software has empowered thousands of UK businesses to innovate across departments, reduce costs, increase competitiveness, and produce growth.

Our long-term success in cloud computing, analytics, app development, and integration makes us the ideal fit for SAP Cloud Platform.

Keeping DevOps culture and agile delivery at the forefront of our services, we promise rapid development and tangible results for your business.


  • support across the adoption lifecycle, from cloud design and strategy to deployment and operations
  • industry-specific experience in publishing, financial services, public sector, manufacturing, government, higher education, retail, and more
  • building complex business apps on SAP Cloud Platform
  • extension and integration across the cloud and on-premises
  • cloud extension of solutions including SAP By Design, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Ariba, SuccessFactors, and SAP Jam app development for mobile, Fiori, gamification, analytics, financial, and IoT