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SAP Cloud Platform Integration Services

Link SAP and Non-SAP Apps in the Cloud

Connect all of your business apps, IoT-connected devices, and APIs with SAP cloud integration.

Use SAP Cloud Platform to leverage your data for smart decisions and innovation.

Engage an SAP Gold Partner with 25 years of integration experience across UK industries.

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Choose Your SAP Cloud Platform Integration Tools

Select from four distinct services within SAP Cloud Platform to connect your data, applications, processes, and databases:

SAP Cloud Platform Integration

SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity

SAP Cloud Platform API Management

SAP Cloud Platform Smart Data Integration

SAP Cloud Platform Integration Service

SAP Cloud Platform Services

Real-Time SAP Integration

Connect cloud apps with SAP and third-party apps, between on premises and the cloud, with the SAP Cloud Platform Integration service.

Choose from three editions: SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Edition, SAP Cloud Platform Process Integration, and SAP Cloud Platform Data Integration.

Enterprise Edition

This full package includes process integration, data integration, API management, and provisioning for Open Data Protocol (Odata).

SAP Process Integration

This package is designed for two-way, real-time data integration between SAP Cloud Platform and on-premise and cloud applications.

SAP Data Integration

This package allows two-way, real-time process integration between SAP Cloud Platform and on-premise and cloud applications.

SAP Cloud Platform Connectivity

Gain Secure Access between Cloud and On-Premises

Link cloud applications and on-premise systems, for secure and reliable access anywhere.

The service requires no changes to firewall configuration, making connecting even faster.

Use JDBC/ODBC protocols to reach cloud databases as though they were on your own network, as well as using HTTP and RFC protocols to access on-premise networks through the cloud.

Access quickly and safely with secure forwarding of users’ logged-on identity from the cloud to on-premises.


SAP Smart Data Integration

Turn Data into Trusted Information

Take data from multiple sources, transform it, and store it in a SAP HANA instance with the SAP Cloud Platform Smart Data Integration service.

Turn data into valuable information with the use of complex data flows that enter SAP HANA via a graphical flowgraph modeller.

With real-time replication, secure transfer from on-premise to the cloud, and the ability to create custom adapters with open SDK, Smart Data Integration connects to any source quickly and safely.


About Influential Software: SAP Gold Partner Services

Over the past 25 years, Influential Software has empowered thousands of UK businesses to innovate across departments, reduce costs, increase competitiveness, and produce growth.

Our long-term success in cloud computing, analytics, app development, and integration makes us the ideal fit for SAP Cloud Platform.

Keeping DevOps culture and agile delivery at the forefront of our services, we promise rapid development and tangible results for your business.


  • support across the adoption lifecycle, from cloud design and strategy to deployment and operations
  • industry-specific experience in publishing, financial services, public sector, manufacturing, government, higher education, retail, and more
  • building complex business apps on SAP Cloud Platform
  • extension and integration across the cloud and on-premises
  • cloud extension of solutions including SAP By Design, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Ariba, SuccessFactors, and SAP Jam app development for mobile, Fiori, gamification, analytics, financial, and IoT