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Flexible & Stable: SAP Cloud Platform Licences

Stable SAP Cloud Platform Licences: Subscription

Ideal for businesses that know exactly which services they will use during the contract.

  • a fixed length and number of services, with unlimited access to them
  • the contract for the agreed services is typically 12 months or longer
  • pricing depends on the number of services and length of contract

Fluid SAP Cloud Platform Licences: Consumption

Suitable for businesses that may start and stop projects during the contract period.

  • use any SAP Cloud Platform services according to your needs
  • the contract is 12 months or longer, and services can be used or dropped at will
  • businesses pay for the services that they use from a prepaid cloud credit balance

SAP Cloud Platform Licences: Packages

SAP Cloud Platform, starter edition

Allows you to rapidly develop cloud apps with a dedicated instance of SAP HANA and related services.

  • for non-productive use
  • pricing: monthly

SAP Cloud Platform, user-based packages

Gives you the power to develop business apps in the cloud, starting small and scaling up whenever you need.

  • for productive use
  • pricing: per user monthly

About Influential Software: SAP Gold Partner Services

Over the past 25 years, Influential Software has empowered thousands of UK businesses to innovate across departments, reduce costs, increase competitiveness, and produce growth.

Our long-term success in cloud computing, analytics, app development, and integration makes us the ideal fit for SAP Cloud Platform.

Keeping DevOps culture and agile delivery at the forefront of our services, we promise rapid development and tangible results for your business.


  • support across the adoption lifecycle, from cloud design and strategy to deployment and operations
  • industry-specific experience in publishing, financial services, public sector, manufacturing, government, higher education, retail, and more
  • building complex business apps on SAP Cloud Platform
  • extension and integration across the cloud and on-premises
  • cloud extension of solutions including SAP By Design, SAP Cloud for Customer, SAP Ariba, SuccessFactors, and SAP Jam app development for mobile, Fiori, gamification, analytics, financial, and IoT